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There are currently 63 known lynch messages.

All Players (42 messages)

  • <player> was attached to a rock and thrown into the nearest river
  • <player> was tied to a stake and burnt by the village.
  • <player> was stood up against a wall and shot by several villagers with muskets
  • <player> was lead to the gallows and hanged
  • <player> was chopped to pieces left for the rats
  • <player> had each arm tied to a horse which were then made to gallop in different directions
  • <player> was burned alive for their crimes against the village
  • <player> had molten silver poured onto their head
  • <player> was stoned to death by the village
  • <player> was sacrificed to God so he'd stop killing villagers
  • <player> had their legs and arms tied together and was thrown into a lake, they sank.
  • <player> was thrown to a pack of starving dogs to see if they could manipulate the canines with supernatural powers, they could not.
  • <player> was given a rusty sword and forced to duel a Scotsman with a French accent and a Spaniard with a Scottish accent
  • <player> was beheaded with a rusty axe
  • <player> had their head submerged under holy water for several hours
  • <player> was thrown off a cliff to see if they could fly, they could not.
  • <player> was boiled alive in a large cauldron
  • <player> had rocks slowly piled onto them
  • <player> was tarred and feathered
  • <player> was shot through the heart, and you're to blame.
  • <player> was tied up and suspended head first in a barrel of water
  • <player> was made to drink hemlock to prove they had resistance to it, their body slowly succumbed to numbness.
  • <player> was found guilty of crimes against the village and stabbed to death with pitchforks
  • <player> was tied to a sled pulled by a large pack of lemmings
  • <player> was voted the village idiot and sent off to run in the US Presidential election
  • <player> was killed in a trial by ducking
  • <player> was folded into a suitcase with a hundred rabid hedgehogs
  • <player> was tied to a stake and burnt by the village
  • <player> had a house dropped on them
  • <player> was sat on a large balance scale and found to weigh the same as a mallard
  • <player> was given the task of passing a pretty red candle to a speedy and cunning road runner
  • <player> was used as target practice for the village cannon
  • <player> was executed by guillotine
  • <player> was squeezed into an oven and baked at gas mark eight for several hours
  • <player> said 'yes' when a stranger knocked on their door and asked if their name was 'Sarah Connor'
  • <player> was up all night 'til the sun, up all night to have fun, up all night to get Lucky. Lucky turned out to be a very large and hungry bear. Lucky ate them.
  • <player> was nailed to a crucifix
  • <player> died with a smile on their face
  • <player> was crushed by the forth wall collapsing on them when the Mod ran out of execution text ideas
  • <player> was crushed by the fourth wall collapsing on them when the Mod ran out of execution text ideas
  • <player> conceded
  • <player> fast forwarded

Apiana (1 messages)

  • Apiana a �t� ex�cut� par guillotine

Jokerz2 (2 messages)

  • Jokerz2 is fewmin'
  • Jokerz2 definitely deserved that

Kirschstein (3 messages)

  • Kirschstein would like his damn essence back
  • Kirschstein did not deserve this
  • Kirschstein hates you all

laser (2 messages)

  • laser would like to thank you all for coming to their Barcamp talk
  • laser thought the LibDems really had a chance this time

Mark_T (2 messages)

  • Mark_T was forced to explain the Insomnia pub quiz questions in a job interview
  • Mark_T raided too early

Niji (1 messages)

  • Niji was ambushed by a cake

Sash (1 messages)

  • Sash was forced to drink canal water

SavvySteve (3 messages)

  • SavvySteve was condemned to forever have Jack on his team
  • SavvySteve was offered freedom if he could whisper
  • SavvySteve defended a 540mile round trip for an eye test at Barnard Castle

ShaneMcC (4 messages)

  • ShaneMcC was forced to eat vegetables
  • ShaneMcC laces up his running shoes and attempts a daring escape at full speed through the (closed) patio door
  • ShaneMcC was caught out during a Pepsi Protocol exchange
  • ShaneMcC grabbed the nearest weapon and attempted a daring escape. Backing away, he aimed his crossbow at the village mob and... ah, never mind.

venko (1 messages)

  • venko decided their time was up

XII (1 messages)

  • XII was exiled to London